AS network: A protective shield within an unfavorable business environment


Doing business in Greece is not an easy task. Entrepreneurs are expected to survive in a hostile economic environment of record-low demand and liquidity, constantly generating obstacles of a tax, legal and institutional nature.
It is extremely difficult for a business to maintain competitiveness and boost growth against adversities, such as:
• High tax burden, far above the average of neighboring competing countries and an already Daedalian tax system that is becoming increasingly more complex, making tax compliance extremely difficult.
• Insupportable energy costs, a major burden on businesses – mainly – in the manufacturing sector.
• Government debt to businesses from VAT refunds, estimated to a total of € 1 billion.
• A market in prolonged recession, with record-low consumer demand and tightly limited liquidity,
• Scarcely any new bank lending and high interest rates, reaching 8% in comparison to rates of 2% in the rest of Europe.
• Difficulties in trading due to capital controls, despite them having been recently relaxed in part.
And all this in a country with a bureaucracy notoriously high and discouraging for business and investment.
A business today is being shot against from all directions. To survive in such adverse conditions, businesses need flexibility, adaptability, clever management of their available resources, as well as safe navigation through the institutional minefield of modern Greece. This is exactly where the expertise and experience of the AS network can make a difference offering a wide range of high-level services that cover every need of a modern business, such as:
• Timely and accurate information on all tax and IT developments.
• Addressing of all aspects of tax and auditing issues thoroughly.
• Performing tax audits to ensure maximum compliance.
• Formulation of tax planning and strategy, as well as support for appeals.
• Payroll management (AS network is trusted by more than 150 companies and manages the payroll of more than 16,000 employees in total).
• Timely and correct preparation, submission and updating of the Documentation Files that all companies operating in Greece are required to submit for their transactions (purchases, sales, receiving and providing services, rights etc.) with affiliated companies.
• Development of business plans, export programs, financial strategy, and cost minimization strategy.
• Reorganization of internal services and outsourcing of accounting and human resources departments.
In the AS network, over 120 accountants, tax consultants, lawyers and auditors, leaders of the market in their field, are available at any time with absolute commitment to your service to address every problem in the most effective way.
AS Network's experienced and expert team of consultants will lead you safely and in full compliance with the Greek law to the best choice for your business, covering most effectively every need in the present and providing for the challenges of the future!

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