Outsourcing: Let Administration, Accounting, Payroll and HR to the Specialists!


Outsourcing is the secret behind innumerable success stories around the world, from small to medium-sized, local companies to multinational giants.

The reason is that the outsourcing of business and services - such as accounting and tax obligations, payroll, recruitment, human resources management and others - to an outsourced, highly skilled and low-priced partner, offers many competitive advantages.

Through outsourcing, a business can save money, time and space, which can then be used for its growth instead of being wasted on tasks that can be done more efficiently, more quickly and somewhere else!

Successful outsourcing examples are many and resounding:

  • The U.S. comsuner giant, Procter & Gamble, entrusts a large part of its R & D on an external partner.
  • The management of the German mega bank, Deutsche Bank, is never involved in technology infrastructure projects, as it has outsourced this work to external and blindly trusted consultants.
  • Google has assigned its AdWords advertising tool, one of its most important sources of revenue, to over 1,000 different reps.
  • Alibaba, the Chinese online giant, has become a global superpower by offsetting the lack of talent in China with outsourcing.

In today's Greece, plagued by economic crisis, overtaxing, and funding problems, outsourcing can be an ideal recipe for improving the competitiveness and boosting the growth of a business.

The advantages are plenty and important:

  • By outsourcing a business avoids hardware and software purchases, as well as the costs of creating and staffing departments that manage such equipment.
  • Time is saved, operating costs are reduced, business operation and organization is optimized, allowing for more focus on areas of vital importance to a business.
  • Growing small and medium-sized businesses that cannot financially support upper-level managers, such as CEOs or Heads of HR, opt for an outsourcing solution in their transitory stage.
  • Outsourcing services, such as accounting, payroll and HR management, save significant resources, limit exposure to risks and contribute to the optimization of business performance.

The success of outsourcing, however, depends on the partner's credibility.

AS Network is a leading network of Greek companies with many years of presence in the Greek market providing Financial, Tax, Audit and Payroll Management services.

It consists of Accounting Solutions SA and Audit Services SA employing more than 120 experienced auditors, accountants, consultants, lawyers and tax advisors.

Our advantage stems from the expertise and experience of our people, as well as our dedication to our clients, while our infrastructure is state-of-the-art meeting all the required security standards.

That is the reason we are trusted by more than 300 organizations, comprising of some of the largest public and private companies and a number of small and medium-sized businesses operating in Greece.

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