Outsourcing of accounting services: Factor for growth and profitability of businesses


The unfavorable economic climate in Greece, which has been around for almost 10 years, has troubled many businesses that have seen their profitability shrink, recorded losses or even gone bankrupt.

In many cases, these unfavorable developments are due to the fact that entrepreneurs did not have timely, reliable and meaningful information about their business environments or did not have medium-term budgets, business plans, internal control, etc.

On the contrary, there are bright examples of businesses that, in collaboration with a specialized external partner, have adopted modern accounting practices receiving regular and detailed information about their financial data, and thus reversed their negative position and returned to profitability.

The provision of accounting and financial services by a qualified external partner is an international practice that is constantly gaining ground in Greece, as it offers significant advantages to those companies that choose it.

It is an option that emerged from the need of businesses to cope efficiently with the explosive combination of fierce competition, high taxation, high bureaucracy and a negative economic climate that characterizes the domestic market.

By choosing a reliable external partner with years of experience and high level of expertise to provide a wide range of accounting and financial services responsibly, an enterprise gains access to valuable information and practices that would be extremely difficult and costly to develop internally.

Advantages that make a difference

It is extremely important for a company's management to have detailed information about its financial figures and data through reports on a regular basis and specially tailored to meet the specifics of this business.

The provision of this information is made online allowing the management to have control of their business anytime and everywhere as well as to take regular and strategic decisions.

In addition to traditional services, such as keeping books, supervision of accounting department, organizing and simplifying accounting systems, and drafting and submitting tax returns, the bouquet of services a business can take from a qualified external partner that make a difference include:

  • Information and support on the collection of balances or on the pricing policy of an enterprise so that the receipts are made early, and profitable customers are separated from those who aren’t.
  • Monitoring of all computer, technological and tax developments and provision of timely and accurate information to the customer.
  • Provision of detailed information for the optimal management of fixed assets of an enterprise.
  • Provision of financial information and exploration of the most cost-effective solutions in the banking market to finance the business.
  • Cost analysis, cost review and costing of products and services of the company, aiming at setting a correct pricing strategy.

The above services are valuable weapons that lead to a significant cost cut in a business freeing resources for its growth and securing it from potential accounting and tax hazards.

AS Network's team of experienced and specialized consultants will lead you safely and in full compliance with Greek law to the best choice for your business, covering most effectively every need in the present and anticipating the challenges of the future!

Anastasios Mavridis

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