Shared Service Centers: Cost Saving - Performance Improvement for Businesses


In today's competitive environment, businesses are looking for every opportunity to improve their performance. From the adoption of advanced manufacturing techniques to streamlining the supply chain, organizations are constantly reviewing their core business to gain a competitive edge.

The constant search for improved performance has led businesses across the globe to adopt the Shared Services Centers model. 

This model emerged as a response to the challenges of the times, such as globalization and economic instability. Supply chains are now spread across the world, and CFOs are trying to manage risks and analyze profitability across a wide range of international markets.

More and more companies are adopting SSCs that include integrated support procedures for many functions such as Payroll and Human Resource Management, Technical Support, Supplies, Customer Service, Marketing, Accounting and Financial Support, and more.

Therefore, enterprises that have adopted the SSC model have succeeded not only in significantly reducing their costs but also in improving their efficiency and effectiveness.

Indicatively, and according to recent international surveys, most enterprises that adopt the SSC model hold accounting efficiency as priority and manage the functions of their payable and receivable accounts in centralized environments.

Basic accounting functions come first in terms of utilizing SSCs, followed by managing human resources and technical support.

There are two great drivers for a business to decide on SSC deployment, first of all cost savings.

The second is whether a SSC will help a business improve its processes and planning, as cost savings should not be accompanied by discounts in quality.

Often, businesses instead of deploying their own SSCs, they instead outsource this service to an external partner who then takes over the whole responsibility allowing for the saving of valuable resources.

Is a SSC the right choice for your business? What impact would the implementation of such a model have?

AS Network's experienced and expert consultants will help you determine whether your business needs a Common Service Center, its impact on people and business processes, the role of technology in a SSC strategy, the optimal SSC implementation plans and key performance indicators for a SSC, and with which strategy the business can use a SSC to compete on the market and improve its performance.

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