Tax-i 137: Submission of list with the persons liable to file this source of funds declaration until 28.2.2018

February 2018


A recent circular (65/C/2018) issued by the competent authority (Division C for the Audit of Source of Funds Declarations) points out that companies contracting with the Greek State and falling under the regime of L. 3213/ 2003 should file electronically until 28.2.2018 the list with the data of the persons liable to submit the Source of Funds Declarations for the year 2018 (financial year 2017). The said filing should be performed by the officers appointed by the companies as contact persons, duly authorized to draft and send the list.

The omission of the above filing triggers minimum imprisonment of six (6) months.


The list with the persons liable to file a Source of Funds Declaration includes those individuals who acquired, lost or maintained their capacity from 1.1.2017 until 31.12.2017.

The abovementioned circular sets also for the first time that the persons liable to draft and send the list should previously inform in writing the persons to be referred therein.

Electronic submission

The list is submitted electronically through the website