Tax Services

Tax advisors, accountants and lawyers in our tax department provide a broad range of services to meet every need of your business, with responsibility, absolute confidentiality and at a reasonable cost:

Tax Advice

  • Advice on any tax issue
  • Tax filings – Corporate and Individual Tax Returns
  • Tax Planning and Tax Strategy
  • Expense deductibility
  • Regulatory compliance (Greek Accounting Standards)
  • Double Tax Treaties

Tax Audits

  • Support services during tax audits
  • Administrative out-of-court appeals
  • Pre-emptive preparation in anticipation of tax audits

VAT Support Services

  • VAT Fiscal Representation Services to foreign companies without permanent establishment in Greece
  • VAT Refund claims
  • VAT optimization
  • Advice on intra-community transactions (triangular transactions, distant sales etc.)
  • General advice on VAT compliance (exemptions, pro-rata, VAT assets settlement etc.)
  • Compliance review

Advice on Corporate and Commercial Issues

  • Company formation
  • Contract preparation and review
  • Corporate structure/selection of corporate legal type
  • Corporate restructuring, mergers, spin-offs and acquisitions
  • Royalties, know-how agreements

Diagnostic Tax Reviews

  • Pre-emptive identification of exposure to potential tax risks and advice on appropriate risk minimization strategies
  • Evaluation of potential tax burden

 Real Estate

  • Preparation and filing of property tax returns
  • Assistance with procedures towards the Greek National Land Registry

Tax Representation

  • Tax Representation for VAT issues and/or withholding taxes
  • Tax Representation of insurance companies not established in Greece

For more information
please contact:

Jenny Panou

Partner of AS network, Head of Tax

Stavros Petridisoglou

Partner of AS network, Tax Compliance Director

Marios Georgiou

Senior Partner, Member of the Executive Committee of AS network & Chairman of Audit Services SΑ

Giorgos Samothrakis

Chairman Emeritus of Audit Services SΑ

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